From - September 19th 2017      To - September 22nd 2017

This is an 8 Modules program that gives participants insights into the most critical aspects of Business Management that every Business Owner, Manager, Entrepreneur, Board member, Business Partners, and also future Business Leaders (those being groomed to run the businesses in future), must have in order to run a business successfully. This Program covers these 10 carefully selected areas;- Planning & Strategy, Finance, Controls, Sales, Marketing & Product Innovations, Customer Service, HR Management, Compliance - i.e., all areas of Business Management that everyone managing a business must have in order to run the business to success.

Specifically designed for those who require all rounded Business Leadership insights i.e., Owners, Owner Managers, Senior Managers , Business Partners, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, and their Successors (those who are being groomed for future business leadership).

Those who participate in this program gain insights in all major functional areas of Business and are able to do the following back in their businesses;

  • Appreciate how their Business are structure and gain improved skills that will enable review the business structure with a view to optimize the Business
  • Get Practical steps of Implementing a structures that support Business Growth
  • Appreciate forces Driving Business Performance and value creation in 21st Century
  • Build and lead high performing teams.


  1. Fees caters for all requirements for the training-Learning materials, Lunches, Teas, Snacks and Certification.
  2. Our Programs are NITA Approved. Participating organizations can therefore claim reimbursement on fee paid in accordance with NITA Rules.
  3. Participants are awarded Certificates of Participation after the 4 days Training
  4. Special Concession- Organizations sponsoring Three Participants will have the 4th attend Free

See below the Modules for this four days Training program:-

  1. Module 1 - Business Planning, Strategy & Budgeting - Practical insights on how to embed a Budgeting Culture as a tool to help Business actualize its strategic and Planning efforts.
  2. Module 2- Financial Management - Oversighting your Financial Management function. How do you get comfort that your financial function is properly set up and operating properly? How Financial Information is generated, Which Reports to ask and What to look out for.  Which questions to ask. How do you engage productively with your Finance staff?
  3. Module 3 - Labour Laws & Compliance - an Overview of Emerging Labour Laws and other staff management compliance issues. Overview of staff issues like contracts, staff discipline, terminations and other staff issues which, if not properly dealt with, expose organizations to expensive labor disputes.
  4. Module 4 - Customer Engagement - As the Business Leadership, how do you institute an organization that places stellar customer experience at the heart of every point of interaction with the organization? How do you ensure that the culture of customer intimacy is embedded throughout the organization?
  5. Module 5 - Cashflows and Working Capital Management - this module discusses ideas on how to maintain a healthy liquidity for the business in an effort to optimize operations. How do you balance you operational cashflows, raise short term liquidity, and generate cashflows from operations? How do you manage short-term and long term growth needs?
  6. Module 6 - Managing and Leading People in the 21st Century - How do you structure your Business to deal with the many HR/ People issues that confront Business Owners on a day to day basis? this Module gives insights on the 21st Century People Issues affecting the Business and highlights best Practices on structures that a business must set up to properly deal with HR/ People issues
  7. Module 7 - Internal Controls, Policies & Risk Management - This module provides awareness on the areas that are prone to internal control lapses, theft, fraud, misuse of resources, and generally areas that have potential of leakages and erosion of value. This Module gives insights on red-flags that Business Owners and managers should look out for to detect theft, fraud and misuse of resources.
  8. Module 8 - Governance & Structuring the Business – Wrapping it all together through an appropriate Governance structure supports attainment of business objectives, and puts all above learning areas together.

Ideas into Action: Rolling Out the Plans for Action

Owners, Owner Managers, Senior Managers , Business Partners, Executive and Non-Executive Directors,

Fees : Ksh 98500 plus VAT

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