From - August 17th 2017      To - August 19th 2017
Venue - Villa Rosa Kempinski



This highly interactive program aims to equip Non HR Managers with skills to help them effectively deal with recurrent people challenges that confront them at operational level, including challenges on retention of people, handling underperformance, discipline, communicating company policies relating to compensation, career development and opportunities. By the end of this 2 days program, participants will be able to;-

  • Manage recurrent operational HR issues that arise at Functional level
  • Complement the HR Department efforts in staff management at functional level
  • Embed best HR Practices and Compliance at Departmental and functional level
  • Reduce organizational exposures to non-compliance risks on labor practices
  • Effectively Manage Performance & Effectively Manage Discipline

This course offers Non HR Managers with Practical skills on day to day Staff Management that will enable participants compliment HR departments function and improve organization efficiency.


This is the program scope below for the two days among other areas that will be identified from Participants Expectations:

  1. Overview of HR Management
    1. Place of Human Capital in driving Organization Success
    2. Global Trends in HR Management Practices
    3. Best Practices Codes in HR Management
  2. Compliance Issues in staff management
    1. Overview of Statutes Governing Labor Practice in Kenya
    2. Common management practices that expose organization to non- Compliance risks
    3. Employment Contracts
    4. What is Your HR role as a non HR Manager?
  3. Employee Relations
    1. Discipline Management –best practice and Labor Laws Provision      
    2. Managing Diversity    
    3. Managing Absenteeism   
  4. Job Assignments, Recruitment & Retention
    1. Job Descriptions, Recruitment And Selection, Induction
    2. Retaining Staff, Pay and Reward, Compensation And Benefits
  5. Learning Training & Development
    1. Learning & Development
    2. Team Development – Coaching
    3. Training for current job needs
    4. ROI on Training Budgets
  6. Performance & Reward Management
    1. Review of Performance, Appraisals & Feedback Mechanisms
  7. Exit Interviews    
  8. Ideas into Action: Rolling Out the Plans for Action 

Why Anderson Human Capital HR Training for Non HR Managers 

There are many good reasons for choosing Anderson Human Capital Training…

  1. We have vast experience training this program gained from past and ongoing trainings for many organizations across all sectors. This has given us un-paralled insights.
  2. This Program has a unique blend of Compliance and Best Practice fundamentals that enables general management staff to be all rounded when dealing with HR Issues.
  3. Our model allows us to deploy facilitators who have expertise, experience and insights in a specific area (because we have a pool of associates with diverse backgrounds) each program is handled by at least 2 professional facilitators.
  4. We offer after training follow-up that ensures organizations derive greatest benefit from the program and tangible ROI (Return on Training Investment).
  5. This Program is NITA Approved (National Industrial Training Authority) Organizations can claim back fee in accordance with NITA rules.


  1. Fees includes all requirements for the training - Learning materials, Lunches, Teas, Snacks and Certification.
  2. Organizations sponsoring Three Participants will have the 4th attend Free.
  3. Early Bird discount of 7% discount for those participants who will make their Payment made by 30th July 2017.
  4. Participants will be awarded Certificates of Participation after the 2 days Seminar
Line Managers, Functional Managers and other Non-HR Managers who have managerial Responsibility over employees are confronted with recurrent people challenges at operational Level, including challenges on retention of people, handling underperformance, di

Fees : Ksh 45000 plus VAT

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